Smart Ring

Smart Ring Wearable Device

21. Apr 2023
Smart Ring

Smart Rings are wearable devices that typically offer features such as activity tracking, notifications, mobile payments, and more. The price of a Smart Ring varies depending on the brand, features, and materials used.

Here are some examples of Smart Rings and their prices:

  1. Oura Ring: The Oura Ring is a popular Smart Ring that tracks your sleep, activity, and overall health. It ranges from $299 to $999, depending on the materials used.

  2. Motiv Ring: The Motiv Ring is another Smart Ring that offers activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, and more. It costs $199.

  3. NFC Ring: The NFC Ring allows you to make contactless payments, unlock your phone, and store personal information. It costs around $50.

  4. Ringly: Ringly Smart Rings offer notifications for calls, texts, and other apps, as well as activity tracking. They range from $195 to $245.

  5. ORII: ORII Smart Rings use bone conduction technology to allow you to take calls, send texts, and use voice assistants without having to take out your phone. They cost around $300.

It's worth noting that prices may vary depending on where you purchase the Smart Ring from, and some Smart Rings may require a subscription fee for certain features.


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